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The Kids Safety Village of Durham Region is a kid-sized version of a real town located on the grounds of the Sir William Stephenson Public School in Whitby. Set on 1.2 acres, the village features small buildings, detailed roadways, traffic lights and road signs, an operational railway crossing, battery cars, bicycles and a classroom. 

Here, children learn about road safety as a pedestrian and a cyclist in a controlled, supervised environment. Since 1995, the realistic setting has allowed thousands of children in Durham to test their safety skills in a fun, learning environment.

The Kids' Safety Village is truly a community project dedicated to building a safer future for children. The village was constructed, and continues to be maintained through generous donations of cash, services and materials from local businesses, citizens and service clubs.

• Over 12,500 students visit the Village each year.

• Each course includes safety-related instruction on topics such as road and pedestrian safety, bike safety, internet safety, fire, rail, bus and hydro safety, EMS/First Aid and CPR programming, as well as information on safe strangers, bullying, cyber-bullying, and the use of 911.



Aerial shot of village

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