​What is the Kids’ Safety Village?

The Kids Safety Village of Durham Region is a kid-sized version of a real town located on the grounds of the Sir William Stephenson Public School in Whitby. Set on 1.2 acres, the village features small buildings, detailed roadways, traffic lights and road signs, an operational railway crossing, battery cars, bicycles and a classroom.

Here, children learn about road safety as a pedestrian and a cyclist in a controlled, supervised environment. Since 1995, the realistic setting has allowed thousands of children in Durham to test their safety skills in a fun, learning environment.

The Kids' Safety Village is truly a community project dedicated to building a safer future for children. The village was constructed with donations of cash, services and materials from local businesses, citizens and service clubs

A police officer staffs the Village, coordinating safety lessons and teaching children about road and bicycle safety. Volunteers are utilized for a variety of assignments, including display assistants, safety advocates and office administration.

The Kids’ Safety Village of Durham Region and You

The Kids’ Safety Village has been an integral part of Durham Region since its inception 20 years ago. The success of this Village is due in part to the generous sponsorship of buildings within the grounds of the Village. Corporate donations of $25,000 in 1995 allowed the construction of a safety village that would see school aged children from Durham Region tour this site daily to learn about living safely in the community.

This Village, the third ever built in Ontario, paved the way for other municipalities. There are now 10 safety villages in Ontario, some of which drew their inspiration from Durham.

Twenty years later, the leases on the buildings are due and maintenance is required to keep the property functioning to current standards. The roadways and sidewalks need to be resurfaced and some of the structures require upkeep. In addition, a major expansion is planned to incorporate fire safety so that both key elements, police and fire, will be housed in one facility. This extensive undertaking is designed to support a growing school population marking the 20th year of operation.

The Kids’ Safety Village Board of Directors is embarking on a $700,000 fundraising campaign to go forward for the next generation of children. The Board is seeking to renew the 20-year leases priced at $30,000 for the miniature buildings, as well as looking for sponsors for many other items in order to begin construction this spring. The goal is to have the site fully operational by 2015. Besides the miniature buildings there are many items available for sponsorship such as the miniature cars, bicycles, park benches, street name signs and more – and of course cash donations are needed for all the small things required to outfit the new classroom.

Children in Durham Region visit this facility up to 3 times in their elementary school years, which leaves a lifetime impression of goodwill. Counting children, teachers and parents there are over 15,000 people a year that visit the Village.

Your presence in the Village will be invaluable in the building of a safer future for the children of Durham Region.

We look forward to your support.